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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 17, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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happy st. patrick's day. little green on the radar to kick off the day. we'll see a nice, sunny finish. better chance for rain getting into your weekend. details in moments. >> i don't know'green on the maps will be interrupted but i see the traffic flow temporarily here and there on the san mateo bridge. we'll talk about what's going on eastbound and to the east. >> okay, green, that's the theme today clearly. i don't see too much of it out there at the golden gate bridge this morning. we'll find other ways to get you your green. live look outside this morning, tuesday, march the 17th, and you are watching "today in the bay." a very good tuesday morning. thank you for joining us on this st. patrick's day. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. jaw-dropping news for niners that could lead to shock waves across the nfl. one of the team's most promising young players stepping away from the game. >> hanging it up. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in santa clara this morning. chris borland is worried about
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the long-term consequences of playinghóm÷ football. good morning. >> reporter: and what it can do to the human brain, sam and laura. chris borland tells espn that he suffered a concussion during training camp last season, but he played through it so that he could make the team. yesterday he said no+2 in a surprise announcement to espn the 49ers linebacker said he is quitting football all together, that from what he's researched and experienced doesn't think it's worth the risk anymore. he's the fifth nfl player under the age of 30 to quit this sport over the past week and a half. >> now that there's so much more information about head trauma and the repetitive nature of these injuries, i think you're going to see a lot more attention being paid to this and i'm sure chris borland will not be the only young football player who decides to cut his career short over concerns about his long-term well-being. >> borland's retirement is a
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double whammy for the 49ers. just last week patrick willis announced his retirement from the team. many thought borland who had a great rookie season last year, would be filling his shoes. the gm trent baalke reads a statement "while unexpected we certainly respect chris' decision" and ends the statement with "we will always consider him a 49er and wish him all the best." reporting live outside levi stadium in santa clara, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. >> a new timetable on just how soon san jose police officers will test and then wear body cameras. "the mercury news" reports the memo sent by the department san jose city council indicates testing on officer-worn cameras will begin in september with dozens of officers. the department wants to outfit the entire department by next year. the same memo indicates san jose police will not begin launching its drone until 2017 at the earliest. san jose's new mayor wants
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firefighters to pick up ambulance duty. mayor sam licardo says the private ambulance the city service uses slowed 911 response times and its finances are shaky. he points out firefighters are first on the scene in an emergency so it would make sense the firefighters could take the patient to the hospital. >> many cities have found that there are efficiencies in consolidating the efforts, they can better respond to emergencies and save money. >> the san jose firefighters union is not happy with this proposal. it released a statement saying "in 2010 san jose gutted the fire department's capability to meet our emergency medical response times. it makes little sense for san jose to jump into the ambulance business before restoring these cuts and improving our response times." if approved that plan would not go into effect until next year. restrictions on water use could get tougher. vote at stemming the curbed rules on outdoor water will be
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proposed in sacramento. >> kris sanchez is live in san jose. what will this mean for us? >> reporter: on a day, sam and laura, so many people are thinking about the color green we might want to start thinking about the color brown because our water restrictions could get a lot tougher as of today. the state water resources control board may make confirmation rules even harder on folks. the board will meet today as winter wraps up without the drought-busting rainfall and snowfall that we needed as nasa warned that california only has a year of water level as well. in july the governor called for 20% mandatory conservation but not all communities complied and that has not been enough for the santa clara valley water district. >> we're so behind in this now our fourth year of drought that it's getting more and more serious. >> reporter: marty grimes from the santa clara valley water
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district. the state board will consider only allowing you to water your lawn twice a week maximum and you have to turn the sprinklers off for two days after it rains. the board will consider making us ask for water when we go to a restaurant and making sure we can decline fresh towels and linens at hotels to save water in the laundry process, in addition to the existing rules that went into effect in july that required us to use turn-off nozzles on our hoses and did not allow us to use water to wash down the sidewalks around our homes, and also those july rules that added a $500 fine to violators. so far critics say that has not worked to the extent it's supposed to and the governor should be getting really tough and imposing mandatory restrictions but so far, rather not mandatory restrictions but instead rationing and that is something the governor has declined to do so far. in san jose, chris san chess
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"today in the baed it sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you, kris. we could final hear from the venture capital firm being sued by ellen pao for sexual harassment. she told the jury she was uncomfortable around the partners of kleiner perkins and fired when she filed a gender bias suit. today the human resources rep. will take the stand to answer questions about pao's employment. happening today, sweet 16, you can drive, get a job, but why can't you vote? today san francisco will become the first major city in the u.s. to considering lowering the voting age to 16. >> it's an interesting proposal. "today in the bay" stephanie chuang joins us live at city hall where a supervisor staff will be introducing that ground-breaking measure later today. >> reporter: good morning, sam and laura. supervisor john avalos wants the teens to take the lead. allowing 16 years old and 17 years old to vote in city and school board elections.
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this effort is spear-headed by the san francisco youth commission, a group of 17 san franciscoans between 12 and 23 years old that advises the supervisors on the issues. 16 and 17-year-olds can drive, work, pay tax, they can be tried in adult court but cannot vote. these teens have some big public figures behind them including sf public defender jeff addachi. >> i think by giving young people the right to vote we can encourage adults to vote and exercise their rights. >> democracy! >> we want our young people to step up and be leaders for the future of our city and we want that to start right now. >> reporter: this would need majority vote by the board of supervisors, 6 of the 11, to put it on the ballot. two other states passed that in 2013 and one did just in january. the town of fairfax in marin
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county is also considering this shift so this is something we may see more of. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> very interesting, thanks a lot, steph. >> encouraging civic engagement, always a good thing. lot of people will be engaged today in another way, celebrating the holiday. >> i'd say. >> hopefully groeted wi lly gre sunshine. meteorologist christina loren how are things looking? >> we might get sun and a rainbow on this st. patrick's day with showers on the radar. good morning to you, sam and laura, everybody at home. i want to start with your radar first and foremost. little shower activity right now working its way through gilroy. lot of that action is starting to press out of the bay area and into central california. for us today, it's going to leave us with some sunshine but we have moisture out there. i wouldn't be shocked to see a rainbow, if you see one of course that's good luck, snap a picture. we'll share it with the bay area. 55 degrees in san carlos. as we get into this afternoon low clouds, whatever storm clouds are left over, mild
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sunshi sunshine. temperatures comfortable lunch time, breaking for lunch 64 degrees on the peninsula, 65 in the east bay. rounding out the day in the low to mid-70s and just about as warm as it was yesterday, if not a touch warmer in most spots. getting into the next couple days, things are going to change as we finish off winter, last day is the 19th. we kick off spring on the 20th, your friday and temperatures look to drop yet again as we get into friday and saturday, so temperatures are going to be comfortable this weekend. we have shower activity. i'll show you your futurecast coming up in a moment. right now see if it there's any luck for your drive this morning. at least we have mike inouye, always lucky in that department. >> lucky to have all of you as well this morning. we can talk about what's going on, on the bridge. crews lucky to finish off with their work from overnight, roadwork is done for the day eastbound or just about done. i saw a truck traveled eastbound, actually westbound on the eastbound side picking up
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the cones. we'll talk about slowing still going on on the flat section approaching that high-rise in the reverse direction. traveling from the peninsula over to hayward crews will be continuing for a few minutes. don't be alarmed. you probably won't be because you see them every day about this time. no problems for the dumbarton bridge, that's not a problem for the san mateo bridge, just one to watch there. dubl dublin interchange, green through dublin, a topical city today. westbound 580 slows through the altamont pass, this is the typical slowdown as you have the volume of traffic building coming out of tracy. no problems livermore. let's zoom out and the walnut creek interchange had an earlier report of debris 680 at 24 but that cleared without any further slowing. antioch westbound highway 4 just starts that morning commute, we'll track that of course and the upper east shore freeway moves nicely, no delays for the east bay or the north bay, novato toward the golden gate bridge. let's just show you the shot of the bay bridge, we're looking at an easy drive as well, no problems from oakland over into
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san francisco. we'll send it back to you. >> looks really light right now. thanks, mike. >> 5:10. coming up next from rent controls to out of control. >> a san francisco tenant gets a surprise when the landlord raises the rent by nearly 400%. details coming up. >> a live look outside right now, fremont on this early tuesday morning. folks getting ready to start out their work day, those who kickstart things at an early hour. we'll be here with you talking weather, traffic and news, right after this break. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. 5:14 on your tuesday. what isn't sky high in the bay area? a san francisco woman is meeting with lawyers after her landlord raised her rent by nearly 400%. according to "the chronicle" deb fallingstad used to pay a little more than $2,100 a month for her two-bedroom apartment, lived there ten years it was rent controlled. earlier this month a notice her landlord was raising the rents to $8,900 a month, increasing the security deposit to $12,500. not clear if and what the landlord did is actually legal.
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smoke alarms can be the difference between life and death. san francisco firefighters want to help make that difference for those who need it. firefighters will donate $5,000 to the red cross to help distribute and install smoke alarms for high-risk neighborhoods. firefighters say no alarm sounded at last week's mission district fire that left a family of five hospitalized. we learned yesterday one of the victims in the fire died over the weekend from his injuries. 38-year-old mohammad shaibi died saturday. he was rescued and his wife and three children. they were asleep in their apartment when the fire started. the cause is still under investigation. happening today, napa leaders will say thank you to those who helped so much in the recovery from last summer's devastating earthquake. napa county supervisors and city leaders will be hosting a reception for more than 40 different agencies that contributed to napa's local assistance center. the center opened up after the quake and helped more than 8,000 residents impacted. today volunteers will be
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receiving a gift, a piece of brick that fell from the downtown buildings and became a symbol of the earthquake. >> it's 5:15. apple explores a new way to make sure everyone has an iphone. >> to are that and the rest of the news before the bell we turn to landon dowdy who joins us from our green st. patrick's day homage today. good morning, landon. >> that's right, good morning guys. happy st. patrick's day to you. the markets are looking for luck of the irish today to addo monday's gains. investors are watching the fed which begins a two-day meeting today with a decision due tomorrow afternoon and it's widely expected the fed will say it's ready to start raising interest rates as soon as june reflecting the improving job market. we get data on housing starts and building permits. the dow jumping 228 points to 17,977. the nasdaq up 57 to 4929. apples aa new way to get everyone to switch to an iphone. blog reports the company is
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launching a recycling and trade-in program, it will accept android and blackberry devices as well in exchange for a gift card that can be used to buy a new iphone. apple store employees will determine the trade-in value based on the functional and cosmetic condition of the phone. cablevision is the first u.s. cable operator to offer hbo's new streaming service hbo now to its broadband customers. it comes a week after hbo announced apple would be its exclusive digital partner when it launches hbo now next month. will be available in time for the season premiere of "game of thrones." sam and laura, back over to you. >> got to get your fix. >> a lot of people addicted to that one. aid is arriving to the tiny island nation of vanuatu devastated by a cyclone. they are still trying to get rescue teamed to the hardest-hit areas. cyclone pam hit the south
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pacific islands as a category 5 storm over the weekends. all crops were wiped out and people have less than a week's worth of food left. >> priority at the moment is clean water, food relief, temporary shelter. these are the life sustaining illness that we need to get in place and we need to get them in a hurry. >> 11 people are confirmed dead but officials expect that number to rise as they assess the damage on the outermost islands. 5:18. wildlife officials say avian cholera may be to blame in the death of 2,000 geese in idaho. investigators believe they were migrating to their nesting grounds in alaska where they died. they are testing the birds for avian cholera. the disease poses little threat though to humans. >> it 15:18. we check in with meteorologist christina loren on this st. patrick's day looking forward to a nice forecast. >> it's going to be nice out there, more sunshine than yesterday. temperatures above average.
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hard to believe we're still in wintertime. we already had the 90s in some spots over the weekend, and for today, temperatures are going to be in the 70s, so definitely cooler but average in the south bay for example about 65 degrees this time of year. we start out upper 40s, one degree shy and san jose as you break for lunch and step out of the office, we have good air quality for today, temperatures will reach their averages at noon today and we'll round out t the day in low to mid-70s. you won't need the heater later on today, temperatures will be comfortable for you. getting into the next couple of days some changes coming your way. temperatures rise to about 80 degrees in some spots. on thursday, 79 degrees for us here in the south bay. 72 in san francisco for the first day of spring though, temperatures start to cool off as an area of low pressure that wants to make its way into the bay area. will it do so? that is the question mark for meteorologists across the bay
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area, as we get into the next couple of days, the jet stream stays just to our north so it is problematic making for a tricky forecast. here's what we're forecasting at this point, saturday at 2:00 a.m., a little bit of shower activity possible especially up in sonoma county. we get a better chance getting into the beginning and middle of next week, the best looking chance for rain that we've had in about 15 days so that's the good news as we head into sunday, monday and tuesday, could be looking at a better chance for shower activity. i know that drought is on everybody's mind, we always want to keep you up to date. we'll talk about the equinox and why it occurs, coming up in my next report. first good morning to mike inouye, happy st. patrick's day to you. >> happy st. patrick's day to you as well. we talk about the bay bridge and why the backup happens because it's the bay bridge. around the east bay toward san francisco, we're just starting a little build for the cash payers right here. fast track a big advantage, you slow to about 25 and get on your
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way about the span. we look at your map there are no real problems, that little backup for cash payers just a few backing up here at the toll plaza itself and the east shore freeway, eastbound 24, the caldecott tunnel closed for maintenance work. all cleared for both directions right now, an easy drive, upper east shore freeway. over here on your left is the novato area toward san rafael, smooth drive 101 in toward san francisco. we'll move our map over here toward the tri valley, seeing traffic start to build westbound, moving over with the slowing into livermore and building up toward the dublin interchange with 580 and 680. smooth drive. we'll look at fremont, live camera no problems, a build to the volume here as well as san jose. we'll send it back to you. >> thank you very much. it is 5:21 right now pop. police officers preparing for a funeral procession show their strength in numbers over the weekend. take a look, someone snapped this picture of several officers
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teamed up to move a parked car. the car was blocking the route of the funeral procession for philadelphia police officer robert wilson iii, he was killed march 5 as he took on two armed robbers in philadelphia. he gave his life to protect us. coming up next more trouble for hope solo and her husband. plus how a shade of lipstick managed to stir up controversy for a reality tv star.
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welcome back everyone. it's 5:25. the husband of u.s. soccer goalie hope solo is facing dui charges. he faces up to a year in jail if convicted. police say they stopped stevens in manhattan beach in january after an officer spotted hum driving a u.s. soccer van with the lights off. solo was also in the van. police say stevens had been drinking. solo was suspended from the u.s. soccer team as a result but was reinstated last month. sephora apologizing for what some consider an inappropriately named lipstick, one of reality tv star's kat von dee's lipstick, underaged red. it's not clear if sephora will stop carrying that shade.
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diet soda may be bad for your waistline according to a new study. researchers measured the weight circumference of seniors for nine years. the increase in belly fat among diet soda drinkers was almost triple that of those who never drank diet soda. experts say this does not mean diet soda causes the problem. it could be the study participants also consumed more calories overall. >> a look at the "x" factors. a 49er in the prime of his career walks away from the team citing serious health concerns. how his move could change the nfl forever. >> a live look outside right now, the bay bridge from emeryville, kind of a cool perspective there. getting ready to start off your day. we have the latest traffic news, weather and the news going on in your community. we'll be right back after this.
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san francisco police officers in trouble for texts. what they said that sparked an investigation. plus turning off that tap or sprinkler, the new water restrictions california is considering today. >> conservation is king at this point. we do have a little shower activity out there right now, not expecting much for your st. patrick's day but a better chance moving into your extended forecast. details coming up. and a little build out there as well. of course we have your morning commute, it's traffic tuesday, also st. patrick's day. we'll talk about where we could find the green on our screen sensors as well. >> some places will be very traffic congested with people around. it's a live look outside from the south bay this morning, it is tuesday, march 17th. this is "today in the bay." a very good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. young, promising 49er hanging up
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his cleats. linebacker chris borland announced yesterday he's retiring from people. >> "today in the bay's" rob redell is live at levi's stadium in santa clara. borland says the fear of injury is just not worth it for hill. >> reporter: not worth it at all from a health and safety perspective. good morning to you, laura and sam. the 49ers linebacker told espn's "outside the line" that he was retiring from not only the 49ers but from professional football because of a concussion he suffered. this is a concussion he suffered last season during the training camp, but he played through it because he wanted to make the team. he told the network and i'm quoting "i just honestly want to do what's best for my health. from what i've researched and what i've experienced, i don't think it's worth the risk." stanford neurologist we spoke with says concussions are not to be taken lightly. they can have a serious impact on one's health. >> it's a lot more complicated than walking it off. these are injuries in the same way you injure a solder or have
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a knee injury. having brain injury is a real injury and needs to be taken care of properly so you don't suffer long-term side effects. >> reporter: 49ers gm trent baalke reads a statement "while unexpected we certainly respect chris' decision. we will always wish him all the best and consider him a 49er." last week patrick willis announced his retirement. many expected borland a rookie standout last season to step up and fill willis' shoes. reporting live in santa clara, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> incredible, borland the fourth player 30 years or younger to retire this week as we watch to see if maybe this is a trend. our coverage continuing all morning long and on our website all day and all night, this affects everyone, restrictions on water use could get tougher. vote extending the current water rules on outdoor watering will ;j(t&háhp &hc%
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>> kris sanchez joins us live in
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critics say the governor should be talking about mandatory rationing, but so far the governor says that's not something that he is considering. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, kris. >> it is 5:33. san francisco city leaders talking about how to deal with racial bias among police officers after four officers were accused of sending racist text messages. police spokesman says the officers have been reassigned to nonpublic duty. the chief wants them fired. today san francisco public defender jeff hadaci will discuss the next steps in handling the cases. the meeting includes young people who have been the victims of racial profiling. people in the community are stunned this could happen. >> we are aghast, appalled and
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very much disappointed. >> these are sustained, you know, i don't think that maybe police work is the appropriate line of work for somebody who has those views. >> san francisco mayor ed lee has said those four police officers should be fired if they did send the offensive messages. another potentially national story happening on our doorstep, when it comes to voting, how young is too young? san francisco city leaders will be laying that question today when they consider lowering the voting age to 16 for all city elections and school board elections. san francisco supervisor is proposing that change. it would apply only to municipal elections that would include races like mayor or the supervisors, bond issues. if it ever comes to pass san francisco would be the first major city in the u.s. to allow 16 years old to vote. the youth commission laid out its case yesterday at a rally at city council.
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stephanie chuang will tell us how soon voters will have a chance to chime in on the plan. fast food workers, mcdonald's workers nationwide filed dozens of complaints with the department of labor yesterday, burn injuries are rampant and they lack first aid or protective gear. at noon worker also protest in oakland. critics say an effort to help the working poor in oakland is having a devastating impact on some businesses. oakland voters had approved a minimum wage hike from $9 an hour to $12.25 recently. chamber of commerce says six restaurants and four grocery stores in chinatown had to shutter because they couldn't afford to pay workers that much money. >> increasing from $9 to $12.25 that would mean annually for full time employee is about $10,000 which would be including insurance and workmen's comp.
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and everything. >> those who studied this issue in uc berkeley believe businesses that had to close were financially unstable anyway. one city councilman says it's too early to jump to conclusions because the wage hike has only been in effect for two weeks. san mateo county supervisors meet today to address the shortage of affordable housing. according to a county report, rent for a two-bedroom apartment has gone up more than 50% over the past four years. the county will consider several options including rent control and relaxing regulations on second units. 5:36 right now. we're all wearing green. it's a festive day, st. patrick's day. lots of people outside and christina, they should find plenty of sunshine. >> later on today, we are going to start out mostly cloudy, happy st. patrick's day to you, sam and laura. 55 degrees at oakland. we can only say it so many times. 57 in san jose and 57 degrees to kick off the new day in san martin. happy you're joining us today
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and i can tell you, you are going to be headed out and about the luck of the irish is with us for today. widespread low clouds to start, the sun will rise at 7:19. rapid warming, 12:00 to 4:00 p.m., intervals of clouds and sun, and because we have had a decent rainy season in the bay area, our hillside nice and green, looking good for the st. patrick's day, better than it has been for the past few years. your sun will set at 7:18 and mild conditions are going to be headed out to the city. days away from the new season, march 20th is the kickoff of spring and here's what happens. we have the season because the earthis tilted at a 25.3 degree axis. twice a year it's perpendicular to the sun's rays on the equator. you get the warmest waters and that flows out toward the pol% and that's why you have the coldest regions at the north and south end of the globe. for us, the first day of spring, temperatures are going to be really, really comfortable. i can tell you pretty cool
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conditions as we get into this weekend. we'll see a return to winter and some showers. more coming up in moments. i'll say it again, mike, and we'll probably say it a few more times this morning, happy st. patrick's day. >> happy st. pa drik's day. i brought you to dublin, california, west 580. the reason is thematic, had the wonderful festival and parade last weekend. we have a slower drive on your map as well. typically celebrate our morning commutes at this clover leaf the dublin interchange with slowing. west 580 out of the altamont pass nothing unusual about the tri valley drive, a smooth flow of traffic. i want to send you over here, joust popped up on a report, the oakland coliseum and incident just north of there. i want to show you from our oakland coliseum camera, it's looking over the top of the oakland arena and right here near bancroft and fairfax you see a few flashing lights and a few less than there were a couple of minutes ago. i believe this is the fire
5:39 am
activity. this is' no smoke, we don't see anything going on, sounds like everything's knocked down but we'll track that in the newsroom as it affects the local area. back to your maps, there we are, topical for us, a smooth drive headed through the area toward the bay bridge and the toll plaza with just the cash lanes backing up and the fast track lanes will start, we should see the metering lights turn on any second now. no slowing east shore freeway. we'll zoom out and give you the rest of the bay, peninsula and south bay real slowing. 101 around 880, we'll track that. i'll get you more details. back to you. >> it is 5:39. still ahead tragedy on the track, a high school athlete collapses at school. that story is coming up. and an important election happening overseas this morning could change the way the white house deals with iran's nuclear program, a live report from washington coming up next. and we're keeping track of your st. patrick's day forecast, a little rain in the works, when, where, is it gone?
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christina has tabs on all of that for us. 5:39.
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welcome back everyone. very good tuesday morning to you. taking a live look outside, this is from fremont, traffic is picking up out there. mike is coming up at 5:42. an important election today could shape america's political future not only here but in the middle east. the election taking place in israel. >> prime minister benjamin netanyahu's grip on that post is in jeopardy today. "today in the bay's" tracie potts joins us live from washington, d.c., this morning to explain how a new leader could impact white house relations with israel, a key u.s. ally. >> that's right, the potential new leader has a different outlook than netanyahu does on negotiations that are going on right now iran about their nuclear program. netanyahu just on capitol hill
5:43 am
two weeks ago talking about that. the white house stays hands off not wanting to get involved in the election. the election is today and washington is watching very closely. ids railie prime minister benjamin netanyahu cast his ballot this among and so did his opponent. netanyahu made a last-minute ditch for support promising no palestinian state on his watch. two weeks ago today he's on capitol hill criticizing u.s. negotiations over iran's nuclear program. >> it doesn't block iran's path to the bomb, it paves iran's path to the bomb. >> reporter: negotiations continued today in switzerland. the u.s. and its partners have just two weeks to come up with an outline that deal could allow iran to escape sanctions and resume nuclear production in a decade. >> if you think as i do the islamic state is dangerous, a nuclear armed islamic republic is even more so.
5:44 am
>> that's senator tom cotton, he wrote the letter that 47 republicans signed warning iran the deal might not stick after president obama leaves office. >> it damages the country, it damages our standing. it's not productive. >> but it may be effective. senior u.s. official says iran brought up the letter twice so far in negotiations. so for now the israeli prime minister is opposed but the israeli prime minister could change after today. washington as i said is watching this very closely. we're waiting for results. they started much earlier our time this morning with the voting. it should be about midday your time, midafternoon here, when we start to see those results coming in from israel. >> that will be interesting to watch. thank you very much, tracie. it is 5:44. the site of the day-long siege in sydney is set to reopen. in december gunmen stormed the cafe and took 17 people hostage. after 16 hours the gunman and officers exchanged gunfire.
5:45 am
two hostages and the gunman died. the cafe will reopen friday with a memorial plague on display for the hostages who died. jurors in the boston marathon bombing trial are back in the courtroom for more testimony this morning. they left the courthouse yesterday to see the bullet-riddled boat where dzhokhar tsarnaev hid until police captured him. the jurors looked inside of the boat where they could see the blood-stained note tsarnaev wrote denouncing the u.s. for its wars in muslim countries. jurors were sent to return to face the murder charge of robert durst, but he is also charged with possessing a firearm. this past weekend he was charged in a 2000 murder, it comes as new details of the case were revealed in the hbo documentary series on durst. the trial begins for the oakland man accused of killing his long time girlfriend and dumping her body in a park. randy elasna is charged with the
5:46 am
murder in the death of sandra coke. she disappeared in august of 2013 and her body later found alana has 17 prior felony convictions. students in leland high school are remembering a classmate who collapsed and died on campus. the student plays football and runs on track. he collapsed while jogging near the football field yesterday afternoon. his track coach immediately performed cpr on him until paramedics arrived. the student died a short time later at the hospital. the school says he had a historoy of asthma. today we could learn the names of the two people found dead inside of an apartment in napa. the bodies of a 66-year-old man and 55-year-old woman found there yesterday. police were doing a welfare check at an apartment on river glen drive not from from mcpherson elementary school where they discovered the bodies. investigators have not said how they died. >> it was a fiery end to a high-speed chase in the north bay. police say it started when a man
5:47 am
threatened to shoot people at a restaurant last night. the deputy spotted the suspect going more than 100 miles per hour on highway 1. the chase ended when the suspect crashed into a tree near bodega. the man was killed in the crash. police are trying to figure out why he was threatening people in the restaurant. happening today, a san francisco supervisor is introducing a measure to change the legal voting age in the city of san francisco to 16, it would be the first major u.s. city to do so. >> "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang live in san francisco city hall this morning. steph, if passed there would be some limits on what they could vote on. >> reporter: absolutely, good morning, laura and sam. we're talking municipal or city locations. from mayor, supervisors and bond issues. the 16 and 17-year-olds say at the rally at city hall yesterday they deserve to get a shot at this. >> i believe that my voice is just as powerful as any others. my age does not define how i think, feel and most importantly am capable of doing.
5:48 am
>> reporter: the san francisco youth commission say group of san franciscoans between 12 and 23 who advise the board of supervisors. the group says 16 and 17-year-olds should be able to vote because they're taxed, can drive, work and be tried in adult court. the idea also is that voting is an habitual practice so get them started sooner and they will continue to vote. >> my experience has been young people have been very engaged on these issues, and when they're given opportunities to be involved they take up leadership. >> reporter: the city charter amendment would need a majority vote by the board of supervisors and be put in front of voters in november on the ballot. the town of fairfax and marin counties are considering the shift which may help voter turnout which in this country was the worst since 1942. we'll look at how dismal the numbers are for 18 to 24-year-olds coming up in the next hour. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> got to get out there and vote as soon as you can. 5:48 right now. bay area company known for rooftop solar systems is now expanding into larger power
5:49 am
sources. that company is san mateo-based solar city. it's now launching a new product called microgrids, larger power systems that communities can tap into when regular power grids go down from say severe weather or catastrophes. the systems include tesla batteries that store the generated energy. >> will we be soaking up the sun on this st. patrick's day? maybe not so much but maybe a rainbow or two. >> the first part of the day clouds and more sunshine than yesterday. 5:49 now. hopefully they'll make some improvements to the solar voltaic cells as well. they need a lot of maintenance. i've been looking into solar but you got to wait until the technology comes around. 5:49 is the time. this morning, low clouds, a little bit of shower activity as we get into this afternoon. temperatures are going to be comfortable, but we're starting out nice as well. 58 degrees right now in livermore, 57 in san martin. low clouds and sunshine and by the day's end completely sunny sky over the peninsula at 64
5:50 am
degrees. at noon today you'll be at 65 degrees on the east shore and rounding out the day comfortably, 67 for san francisco, 70 degrees on the peninsula, and 71 degrees for us right here in the beautiful south bay. so here's the deal. temperatures will climb for the next couple of days. 79 degrees warmest day of the week is thursday, that's your beach day if you can get out there. friday to saturday notice the changes moving in. we have an area of low pressure, looks like it will bring us shower activity by saturday, best chance north of the golden gate bridge but before we get those showers, let's fly you down to scottsdale, because there will be a game right here on nbc bay area, giants versus the reds. 6:05 is game time. maybe light showers. monsoonal moisture the story. we're taking on the reds, catch the game here and you can't wait until the regular season. we've got that for you on nbc on friday. so temperatures are going to be comfortable getting into the next couple of days and the chance for rain arrives on
5:51 am
saturday but still it's another warm system so mid to upper 60s to low 70s. sunday looks like a best bet to get outdoors. let's check your drive, we have to work for the weekend. mike inouye will get you there on time. >> we have a couple of patches of slow traffic, the first one we expect the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights on, just wanted to confirm that for you folks and we'll get to more of this in a second. to the south bay for our live shot unexpectedly slow, north 101 from story road through this shot and let's look at your map up to 880, where there was an earlier crash which took a couple of minutes to clear to the shoulder. all activity now on the shoulder, we have a little recovery but there's a slower drive, a little slower than you might expect through that once again. new crash north 87 right around kernor. sounds like the same incident of two reports. everything's cleared to the shoulder, no slowing over the last couple of minutes but i'll track that for you as well. the build for the east bay moving hayward down to union city the nimitz freeway starts
5:52 am
to build and a little slowing there, time thing 680 through pleasanton and sun olp. tri valley nothing unusual, easy drive earlier fire we talked about at fairfax at bancroft, an easy drive toward the bay bridge toll plaza. if you're a niners fan which sul aof is all of us, it's been a turbulent offseason. they're buzzing about the latest player to leave the 49ers. up and coming defensive star in the prime of his career only 24 years old is stepping away from the game. linebacker chris borland became a standout player for the 49ers last season. many expected him to step up and fill the shoes of patrick willis, when willis announced his retirement last week. borland told espn's "outside the lines" he believes he suffered a concussion in training camp last year, played through it because he wanted to make the team. doctor he spoke with says this helps draw attention to the seriousness of brain injuries.
5:53 am
>> it's a lot more complicated than just simply walking it off. these are real injuries in the same way you injure a shoulder and knee injury. brain injury is a real injury and needs to be taken care of properly so you don't suffer long-term side effects. >> borland tells espn "i just honestly want to do what's best for my health. from what i've researched and what i've experienced i don't think it's worth the risk," he means to continue to play football. coming up in less than ten minutes we'll have a live report with more on what this means for the team and reaction from the 49ers' front office. a utah family talking about their incredible rescue of a baby girl trapped for hours in a submerged vehicle. >> get it up. >> go, go, go! >> they had to act so quickly, recusers pulling little lily groves back to safety more than a week ago. she was in the car with her mother when the car crashed into
5:54 am
the river. the mother died in the crash. lily spent 14 hours trapped upside down in the car before rescuers got her out. >> definitely when i saw the video and hearing them talk back to the voice and say, "we're coming, we're here," was, it's incredible. >> we're very happy and blessed that, you know, a part of jenny is still here with us. >> police say they found drugs in a purse inside the car but have not said that is what caused the crash. it is 5:54. >> someone's cell phone caught an incredible escape of two stunt pilots after a midair crash. >> we have the video, posted on instagram, shows an indonesian acrobatic air team doing pre-show practice maneuvers when the wings of the two planes clip each other. >> after the fire erupted two people safely ejected from that plane. >> a lot of smoke up there, too. new york's mayor is not going to be marching in the st.
5:55 am
patrick's day parade this morning. >> bill de blasio skipped the event last year saying he disagrees with the organizers' policy of banning gay groups from marching under their own banners. this year organizers are allowing one gay group to march, something the mayor's office calls a token gesture. interesting statistics about st. patrick's day, it ranks fourth among the calendar's most popular drinking days, behind new year's eve, christmas and the fourth of july. with that some 13 million pints of guinness will be consumed worldwide today alone. shipments of cabbage will increase this week by a whopping 70%. lot of people will be doing an irish jig later after all that guinness. >> you'd think so. you take up that pint and celebrate today, let's do it into the health of more rain and maybe more snow, christina, it's been a tough season for tahoe, good morning. >> more green on the radar would be a good thing. good morning to you. temperatures right now mostly in the upper 50s across the board.
5:56 am
we are headed towards the 70s later on today, comfortable conditions, a touch warmer than yesterday. if you are headed out and about, san francisco, st. patrick's day, there's a block party happening. if you want to go to this or avoid it if you don't want to be with the big crowds. block party front streets between sacramento and california and judging by the face of that man in the band, looks like a good time out there. >> looks like it may spill over beyond one block perhaps. we'll watch for that. over here in the south bay we have traffic building north 101, we talked about the earlier crash at 880 and does start to recover now, better news, lanes are clear but north at 87, we see some slowing in the activity over on the shoulder, the bay bridge toll plaza, two slowest spots there right now. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. you can be sure that burger king is clucking over its latest product promotion. >> i'm glad you had to say that. the chicken named xwloria will decide the traunts that get to serve their popular chicken fries. gloria will travel the nation
5:57 am
visiting select burger kings and each one should choose between bowls of food yes and no. yes means chicken fries return to the moan u. gloria's decision will be streamed live online. somehow i bet they come back on the menu. >> it's a lot of power for one bird. 5:57. still ahead, protecting officers and the public, the bay area police department wants its police force equipped with body cameras by this time next year. you can't smoke, you can't drink but you may be able to vote. the bay area city considering lowering the voting age to 16.
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now at 6:00, a community in mourning. what we're learning about a young athlete who died at a south bay high school. another shocking blow to the 49ers, one of their most promising young defensive players stepping away from the game. plus turn off the tap. the tougher water restrictions up for a vote this morning.
6:00 am
>> good morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren tracking some very light green on the radar this morning, showers rolling through by the end of the day, sunny conditions for your st. patrick's day festivities and more green. we have the showers coming in. more in moments. and not so green where you would expect the speed sensors turning slower, we have a couple of san jose crashes, we'll bring you those coming up as well. >> a live look outside right now, there is the shiningily lust ruse bay bridge, not as bright as when it had the lights but it's tuesday, march the 17th on this st. patrick's day, you are watching "today in the bay." >> and a very good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. at leland high school many students learning of a classmate's


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